The Baptist Foundation of Indiana is pleased to administer Scholarship Funds established by generous donors. Their gifts provide scholarships to Indiana Baptist students. During the past 39 years, the Foundation has awarded over $220,000 in scholarships to 637 applicants! We rejoice with 2018 Scholarship Recipients. Please pray for these students.


Nicholas Arbogast

Nick currently serves as Student & Family Pastor at First Baptist Church, Henryville. He is pursuing an MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). “Though this scholarship most evidently benefits me in my pursuit of theological education, it will also greatly benefit the local church as I am further prepared [and] trained to rightly handle the word of truth for the growth of Christ’s bride. I cannot adequately express my gratitude…” - Nick


Timothy Bitz

Timothy is a member of Redeemer Church in Jeffersonville and is enrolled in MDiv studies at SBTS. "I am so grateful to be a recipient... This gift reminds me that when God leads His people somewhere, He provides for them, too (Isaiah 58:11)." - Timothy


Kylen Farmer

Kylen is a member of First Baptist Church in Charlestown, where he serves on the worship team. He will work on an Associates degree in Biblical and Theological Studies at Boyce College. "Thank you for your generous donation.... By getting this scholarship I am not only doing what I want, but more importantly, what the Lord wants and has planned for me." - Kylen


Katlyn Griffin

Katlyn is a member of Harrison Hills Baptist Church in Lanesville, where her father is pastor. She is a student of Business Administration at Boyce College. "I cannot express how honored I am to have received a scholarship from the Baptist Foundation of Indiana! Without institutions such as yourself generously pouring into the next generation, I would not be able to complete my education as quickly or be as diligent in my studies. I am so thankful." - Katlyn


Deven Smith

Deven serves as Pastor of Discipleship and Family Ministry at Plainfield Baptist Church. He is working to complete his MDiv at SBTS. "To those who gave... Thank you for your passion to support people in theological education. Each dollar is an investment... in someone who will be leading in Christ's Church for generations to come." - Deven


Jonathan Titsworth

Jonathan is the Senior Pastor of Heritage Southern Baptist Church in Vincennes. He attends SBTS in pursuit of an MDiv (Masters of Divinity degree). "I would like to express my genuine thanks and appreciation... Having a family, working as a bi-vocational pastor and attending seminary can be overwhelming. However, the Lord has provided this opportunity to save money for tuition in order to help me pursue my education." - Jonathan


Isaiah Turner

Isaiah is an MDiv student at SBTS. He is a member of First Baptist Church in Henryville. "I want to thank the Indiana Baptist Foundation for their incredible generosity in helping me prepare for ministry. I am incredibly grateful." - Isaiah


Lauren Turner

Lauren is a member of First Baptist Church in Henryville and is preparing for overseas missions through Global Studies at Boyce College. "I have wanted to be a missionary since I was 9 years old. As I've grown older and my faith in God has strengthened, the Lord has made it very clear to me that overseas missions is what He has called me to do." - Lauren

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Abigail Bohrer

“I am so incredibly grateful for this generous scholarship; it will aid in the furthering of my education at Hillsdale College. I eventually plan to attend Seminary and have been called to a life of service abroad into the mission field.” - Abigail

Kaymon Noble

“This scholarship will help me tremendously. Extra funds mean I can work less and spend time focused on school. The extra time I can use on my sermons and also to focus more on my relationship with God as I journey through my higher education.” - Kaymon

David Seibel

“I teach at public high school and I seek to share Christ in word and deed with both my colleagues and my students. I want to be prepared to reach the world through Christ by gaining tools in seminary. The Foundation will play a role in finishing what God has started.” - David

Dustin Warren

“Words will never be able to adequately express my gratitude towards the Baptist Foundation for deciding to invest in me as I seek to invest in the Church. This is truly a godsend as I continue my journey to the fulfill the call of ministry through my studies at SBT Seminary.” - Dustin